Everything You Need To Know About Disinfection, But Are Afraid to Ask

11 types of Hand Sanitizers, Disinfectants and Hard and Soft Surface Cleaning Agents and How They Are Used and Purchased

So, do you ask employees to bring their own, or do you supply them? Most FM’s we talk to are supplying them based on building use. And differentiating between them all is sometimes a challenge. Here are 11 types of disinfectant available (10 of them)in 5-gallon pails and what they are used for. If you have learned about other types of supply, please let me know by filling in the three-question survey below:

  1. Hard surface cleaner in a liquid concentrate (e.g. Lysol concentrate in a gallon jug is an example): Mixed with water and poured into labeled spray bottles. Used as a quick disinfectant (kills all germs and viruses in under four minutes after application and wipe down)
  2. Foam on Cleaner for disinfecting anything touching food or dairy products requires spray on and wipe down
  3. Antimicrobial liquid cleaner for dairy and livestock areas requires spray on and wipe down
  4. Broad spectrum fogger for use on food, dairy, animal pens, etc. fills a spray gun, spray and dries instantly. No wipe down needed.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide thermal fogger for fabric, upholstery, inside vehicles, etc. Spray with a spray gun. No wipe down needed.
  6. Soft surface cold fogger: (Used with a liquid spray gun to fog large areas and clean and disinfect, no wipe down needed)
  7. Soft surface warm fogger: (Used with a liquid spray gun, no wipe down needed)
  8. Skin and hand sanitizer in a gel: same properties as a liquid but less waste (sold in 1 gallon containers and poured into 4 oz dispenser bottles that are refillable)
  9. Liquid Antibacterial soap for hand cleaning (sold in 1 gallon pails and poured into 4 oz dispenser bottles that are refillable)
  10. Hand sanitizer spray with glycerin for more frequent hand cleaning (sold in 1 gallon pails and poured into 4 oz dispenser bottles that are refillable)
  11. Spot wipes for cleaning targeted areas on a selective basis (used at employee workstations and in common areas) (Sold in cases of 24 tubs per case with 100 wipes per tub)

Happy cleaning!

Anita Brattina, CEO, AllFacilities, Inc.


  1. What type of cleaner have you discovered and how are you using it?
  2. Where are you buying it and what do you pay for what size unit?
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