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Trying to reach the facilities managers of government buildings?

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Government (Federal, State and Municipal and Military) and Non-Profit
The government market, our broadest vertical sector, and the non-profit sector may make excellent long-term partners. The government market includes any building or facility with government or institutional ownership not falling under other categories. Private non-profits such as the Boy Scouts of America, churches and other religious organizations, and social service agencies often own commercial office spaces with private non-profit boards making the decisions about capital budget items involving their buildings. These two sectors’ unusual attention to reducing operational risk, their budget challenges, and their sometimes convoluted decision-making processes-often involving staff, government contracting, and boards or oversight agencies-require the understanding that AllFacilities brings to the table. Underneath ownership, we also help to organize all building types by use (e.g., “retail” versus “commercial office”), similarly to the other vertical sectors. We are experts in helping you to navigate the regulatory and bureaucratic barriers to bidding on these often lucrative contracts.