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Other Services


AllFacilities offers an integrate suite of business development services to fit whatever custom needs your organization may have. Click on the services at the left to see a description.

Commercial Real Estate Data

Problem: Your existing inside sales team lacks leads or data in a particular industry segment or target market.
Solution: Our database of owners and the commercial, industrial and institutional buildings they own and manage in more than 250 metropolitan areas in North America, segmented into 8 major vertical building categories, with information on building management companies and the original desining architects and engineers.

Trained Professional Salespeople and Analysts

Problem: Turnover in your salesforce, reluctance to push new products or markets, or overabundant focus on existing customers hurts revenue.
Solution: Our facilities-focused sales staff can help field-test sales strategy, open new markets, expand territory, lift response to slumping products, and support marketing initiatives.

Business to Business Telemarketing

Problem: Your salespeople are unwilling or unable to “cold call” prospects and spend the time to identify the right key influencers, gatekeepers, and decision makers.
Solution: A core service of AllFacilities, Inc., our highly experienced call center professionals have the specialized skills and programs to conduct an outreach campaign to customers, prospects and other stakeholders to qualify, educate, recruit and cross-sell.

Internet Research

Problem: You lack information about an industry vertical or a part of your existing market.
Solution: Our search experts expand your territory by building intelligence about a particular vertical sector. We can quickly and accurately uncover decision-makers and opportunities and then help integrate this data into campaigns and reporting.

Qualifying, Educating and Branding Programs

Problem: Launching a new product or targeting a new market requires costly and time-consuming campaigns to educate the market.
Solution: Our product launch programs “defrost” a market, uncover market intelligence and sales opportunities, and reduce product launch marketing costs by generating revenue while field-testing strategy and educating prospects.

Appointment Setting Programs

Problem: Your best salespeople may be terrible at finding new prospects but excellent at closing them.
Solution: AllFacilities can search for new prospects to hand-off to salespeople, including an Appointment Setting phase to qualify and schedule interested prospects; a Cross-Selling phase to get current customers to re-order and expand; and partnerships with distributors and contractors to help them bring in customers.

Seminar and Webinar Recruitment

Problem: Many marketing initiatives include some kind of event marketing, but recruitment for these events falters or prospects who attend are inadequately converted to sales leads.
Solution: AllFacilities event recruitment helps increase attendance, brings more new and qualified prospects to your location or on-line event, and improves your market intelligence on which customers and prospects are most interested in your events. We also do post-event follow up to attendees and no-shows to pull in additional opportunities.

Database Development

Problem: Marketing and sales data are patchy, key fields are missing, and data are dispersed.
Solution: We can help analyze your existing data, supplement it with our own data, and purchase data to integrate into your prospect database. Then we can scrub, organize and enhance the data with additional information that can help improve a business strategy.

Data Management

Problem: Your sales and marketing departments do not have up-to-date and accurate information about campaigns and prospects, organized into influencers, gatekeepers, and decision makers.
Solution: We help marketing and sales build and manage prospect and customer data off-site more easily and quickly than they can manage the data themselves. Companies get licensed access to query AllFacilities data and to use the database to build campaigns.

Marketing Research and Customer Research

Problem: You need to validate market opportunity or to understand customer needs and satisfaction.
Solution: Our firm can help produce quantitative data collection and analysis of the architectural, engineering, contracting, facilities markets.

800# Inquiry Handling

Problem: Outside your business hours, toll free numbers go to voicemail. Inbound calls lose valuable sales and marketing source data because your staff are too busy to record and report on inquiries and opportunities.
Solution: Our inquiry staff can handle technical and marketing inquiries about products, services, events and more. We provide expert reporting and first-call resolution that turn live calls into active sales.

Lead Management

Problem: Leads are being developed through multiple sources and cannot be managed, reported and summarized to the different parts of your organization.
Solution: We get the right information to fulfillment, marketing, credit, sales, and service including sorting through and qualifying the best leads and passing them quickly and efficiently to the right people for handling. These higher-quality leads result in higher revenue from a lead generation program. We also help modify lead source budgeting with feedback on good and bad lead sources.


Problem: Prospects and customers do not quickly get information that they need to make a decision.
Solution: We combine lead management and fulfillment to deliver higher quality leads at a lower cost, use less inventory of supplies and stay closer to the process, giving a corporate marketing department better data and reporting as well.

Direct Mail

Problem: You have no internal expertise in direct marketing to prospects, or your existing direct mail campaigns do not offer a good return on investment.
Solution: We help with project management of traditional direct marketing campaigns to ensure that mail drops, phone follow up, 800# inquiries and questions and reporting are all handled at a single point of entry.

Strategic Planning and Integrated Marketing

Problem: Sales programs, product and service introductions, marketing campaigns, and customer outreach and retention efforts send conflicting messages to your target buyers.
Solution: Our integrated marketing programs incorporate sessions to review corporate strategy and ensure that programs and strategy continue to remain in alignment. We also help communicate strategy and program performance to senior management.

E-mail Marketing

Problem: Messages sent via e-mail and traditional mail are out of alignment with each other or with your target audience.
Solution: Since we know the facilities and commercial construction markets intimately, we can deploy messaging that decision-makers read and act upon. We can also be a single point of contact for building email databases, controlling messaging and reporting on results.

Trade Show Pre- and Post-Event Support Services

Problem: Trade shows result in poor return on investment or drain too much time from the before and after the event.
Solution: We use your marketing department’s event calendar to optimize event budgets, to contact regional prospects and customers before the event, and to set up one-on-one meetings and demonstrations either before or during the event. We also provide a single point of contact for post-event follow-up, fulfillment and reporting.

Sales Lead Follow Up and Transactional Support

Problem: Slow-moving leads fail to get resolved, or smaller leads fall through the cracks. Sometimes when salespeople leave, prospect information and leads leave with them.
Solution: Our transactional support services ensure that all leads get resolved. Through our timed process, we test and measure lead follow-up, report on revenue generated, and identify sales gaps that can be corrected.

Customer Retention

Problem: Mid-sized and smaller accounts are often last on a salesman’s list of priorities. If salespeople become busy with large prospects, current customer service can suffer.
Solution: Our clients turn to us for contract renewals, customer satisfaction annual reviews, and cross-selling to smaller facilities, construction and AEC customers. Through phone outreach, e-mail marketing and transactional documentation to large numbers of your small- to mid-size customers, we help improve customer retention, customer data quality and customer experience. We service these customers more cost-effectively while giving them the level of service they need to stay satisfied.

Warranty/Service Contract Acquisition and Retention

Problem: You fail to renew manufacturer-sold warranties and service contracts simply because of lack of quality customer data and pro-active outreach.
Solution: We can help improve retention rates and drive more customer revenue on service contracts and warranties through our proven inside sales process.

Identifying and Tracking Capital Budget Opportunities

Problem: Using public information to track capital budgets may miss your window to influence decisions.
Solution: We contact targeted facilities managers and owners in any vertical sector to uncover and qualify true capital budget planning and identify the key account decision groups for these opportunities. We help identify major renovations, expansions, moves, upgrades, retrofits, modernizations, and other changes to ensure your products are specified during the right timeframe.

Identifying and Tracking Energy Efficiency Planning Initiatives

Problem: You do not understand or do not capitalize on large-scale energy efficiency initiatives for your prospects and current customers.
Solution: AllFacilities uncovers and qualifies true energy efficiency planning and opens doors for your salesforce to meet with key account decision groups. We identify Energy Efficiency Initiatives from major performance contracting, self-funded and exploratory steps before renovations to expansions, building envelope adjustments, government-funded initiatives, and more.