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We typically price our engagements so that our customer is getting a volume of calling per month, in most cases a whole or fraction of a full-time caller. Most programs have a three-month pilot phase, after which they typically roll out to a one-year engagement.

By working closely with our clients’ sales and marketing teams, we are able to present ourselves as a seamless extension of the clients’ sales or marketing departments. The AllFacilities name does not enter into the conversation.

While we have experience in all of the building vertical markets, our primary strengths are in the healthcare, education and retail markets. We have also developed a specialty practice around the electrical utility market and outreach to their diverse commercial customer base.

We are a woman-owned (WBENC certified) business and are registered with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission as a Conservation Service Provider (Docket # A-2009-2121502)

We employ a team of professionals who have on average over five years tenure with AllFacilities and come from a diverse background of educational and work-related experience. The common trait for all is a love for communicating via phone and the skills necessary to effectively talk with facility managers and owners.

While individual projects vary based on the size, scope and complexity of the program, typically the first month is used for ensuring that scripting, data and processes are in place, along with test calling. Actual leads usually start to be generated at the close of the first month and then increase into the second month as we refine the scripting, strategy, etc.

Yes! With over 20 years of experience working with sales teams from across almost every vertical market, we understand the challenges faced by a customers’ inside sales team and can help ensure that they connect with 100% of the leads we generate for them. We respect the value of the sales team’s time and strive to ensure that every lead we provide is of high quality and will help our customer show ROI quickly.

For most projects, we begin with a series of meetings to work out strategy, develop scripting, and pick the ideal vertical markets that will return qualified leads as quickly as possible. While we will develop our own scripting, any sales and marketing materials you may have are very helpful in focusing our message and strategy.

Our core business revolves around our proprietary database of facilities and related contacts. Even so, most of our clients come to us with their own internal lists of targeted prospects and past customers. We integrate this data into a targeted outreach campaign.