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Business Development Services


For more than 20 years we have helped some of the world’s largest companies with business development services. We enable the manufacturers and service providers who want to reach commercial real estate and construction market places, to find the right facility managers and grow their business. Our advantages flow from:

Our specialization allows us locate the right facilities buyer quickly and easily. Unlike an in-house inside sales team, our staff spends all their time on this target market, allowing greater efficiency.

Our people know how to talk to different types of facility owners in their particular language, whether it is cost per square foot or cost per unit, up-front cost or ease of maintenance. Through superior knowledge of the facilities marketplace, we understand customer needs.

Data Superiority
Over the years, AllFacilities, Inc. has built a database of owners and managers and their commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in more than 250 metropolitan areas. We have identified 12 vertical building categories. In some cases we also know the firms that manage them and the architects and engineers who designed them.

Integrated Sales and Marketing
Our approach blends direct sales, product education, direct marketing, and customer support to present the unified vision that you want. Our expert analysts help you pick from a huge variety of programs to showcase exactly what you need to make the sale.